06 May 2010

My Next Blog.

Coming soon:  New blog.

Yes, I've decided that I am going to start another blog.  It will be related to bicycling.  I'm just thinking about whether I want it to be free-form or to have a focused theme.  I'm leaning toward the latter, as there are a number of cycling blogs on the web already.  I just happen to subscribe to a few of them, in addition to Gunnar's blog, in which he often mentions bicycles and cycling.

That doesn't mean I'm going to discontinue Transwoman Times, at least not yet.  I'm not quite ready to let go of it, even though I'm starting to sense there isn't as much for me to say here as I had, say, a few months or a year ago.  

I'm guessing that my new blog will start some time around Memorial Day.  By that time, the current semester will have finished.  Plus, ironically enough, the holiday seems appropriate for starting a new venture. No, I won't drape my new blog with banners and flags and such.  However, if my new blog has begun by that time, I will at least make mention of the tributes made to those who serve.  Now, what they serve is definitely debatable.

Now I'm thinking about that because I just may have talked a student out of joining the Armed Forces.  Like many others who've joined, he sees it as a way of guaranteeing that he has a job for at least a year or two, and of paying for college.  I pointed out that there are other ways of getting the same things, and though he may have to spend more time, effort or money in the beginning, those outlays will be worthwhile.  No matter what else he does, he will have more freedom than he would have in the military.  "Once you sign up, they own you; you're their property," I pointed out to him.  "And they can do whatever they want to you.  In fact, when your tour of duty is finished they can keep you."

He thanked me for telling him those things.  I think that deep down, he knew he didn't really want to join, but he has all sorts of pressures and is therefore anxious about the future. Those anxieties are still better than the alternatives.

Anyway, I'm feeling very sleepy, so it's good night and fair adieu and all that.'

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